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IT Risk Services

To determine the current IT risk factors within an organization, all aspect needs to be brought into consideration, from the infrastructure to network hosts to business processes and procedures. Harm can be done to a business within any aspect of the company, either causing downtime or financial losses. This is where SecAudi can assist to determine IT Security risk factors and assist with the rectification thereof.

The Company offers amongst other IT Risk services the following:

  • External Risk exposure on Hosts visible from the Internet
  • Internal Risk exposure on Servers within a Network
  • Internal Risk exposure on workstations within a Network
  • Internal Risk exposure on Network Devices within a Network
  • Analysis of Risk within current business processes
  • Analysis of Risk within business processes to be implemented
  • Analysis of Risk within current business Applications
  • Analysis of Risk within applications to be Implemented
  • Analysis of Risk on current implemented Security Solutions
  • Analysis of Risk on Security solutions to be implemented
  • Analysis of Third Party software
  • Rectification of External Risks
  • Rectification of Internal Risks
  • Removing of identified Risks
  • Closing of identified Risks
  • The installation of (in-house developed) Security Products
  • Training and Skill transfer
  • The implementation of the Companies security life cycle

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